Accessories Maketh the (wo)Man

For the past 48hours I've been fending off some kind of flu. Which on its own isn't the best but when combined with the fact this kind of thing has a detrimental effect on my ability to create an outfit it's downright harrowing.

I knew last night when I went to bed that today would be a 'Converse' day (usually my chosen foot protection when I'm feeling a little delicate) but when I woke up I realised it was going to be a day I had to resort to a number of old tricks. And here they are - enjoy, dislike, take tips from..whatever you fancy.

Bright nails: check (bit of a cheat - actually prepped last night), Insect inspired cocktail ring: check, Vintage scarf tied under collar (buttoned up of course) : check, silk scarf attached to Mulberry bag to make it a handy shoulder length: check.

This combined with  my favourite shirt from Never Fully Dressed ( and comfiest Topshop jodhpurs and I just about scraped through the day.

That said I'm now in animal print slippers and a baggy Zara T. Well, a girl's sometimes got to wind down of an evening hasn't she?


What do you think..?