And so the love affair continues...

Firstly, let me be clear. I love heels. I mean love..but sometimes a girl's got to be practical. And slippers are my means of getting through the winter in a fashion-conscious way while maintaining some level of day-to-day comfort running between meetings in London and Manchester (where I'm based.)

When slippers were first announced as this seasons new flat I wasn't sure..I'd heard reports of cankles and wasn't impressed. That and the fact I've been a keen brogue wearer for some time meant I was just not interested in finding myself a new flat shoe style. However, merely weeks later and I am fully submerged in the trend.

Since purchasing my 1st pair about 14days ago I have literally worn nothing else on my feet during the day. (But let's not forget heels - the evening's uniform.) This is no exaggeration. They are lovely, leopard print (the right kind, not the Pat Butcher kind) and have taken a total battering. With this in mind they will need re-soling tomorrow.

But what to wear while my prized slippers are IN the cobbler? Never fear - I came up with a solution! I bought a new black studded pair (same as central ones) and those beauties will have a safe place on my tootsies all day long. And the even more wonderful thing? I can now alternate slippers so as to not knacker either pair. What an absolute joy, non?

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