My Nails Rock

A couple of weeks back at a Mulberry event I was handed the obligatory goody bag. Later on, poring through it over dinner, I discovered these amazing things. At the time I didn't think much to them but when I read, last night, that they required no heat (those familiar with Minx treatment will realise how much longer the heating process makes the whole manicure) I was thrilled and pledged to get them on pronto.

So that's exactly what I did as soon as I got home from work tonight. Needless to say they get a big thumbs up from me (mainly as they serve to extend my love of animal print - dalmation!)

These wonderful things and MANY more designs are available at http://www.nailrock.com/ so have a look and enjoy - they look great, are super easy to apply (seriously), and feel lovely.

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  1. Those nails are too cute! I have very similar ones as we speak but with bright pink and black spots!!!

    Loving the blog lady! Keep it up!



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