Gender Bender

For those of you who know me this will be no surprise. I have a new style crush. For those of you who don't know me - buckle up, I have many crushes a year that I embrace and wear, regardless of the bizarre looks they may attract.

Ladies and gents: The Bow Tie.

Women have actually been seen to wear bow ties since the 18th century so before anyone imagines I have any great view of  myself as a cutting edge trend-setter, I don't. I just enjoy odd things. You don't see too many women in bow ties nowadays - come to think of it you don't see too many MEN in bow ties nowadays. But I want to change this.

I am a big believer in accessories and this looks set to be my Winter Wonder.

I recently purchased one to ease me into the look. Plain, black, cotton, 99p, ebay. Well, what's the point in investing the big bucks in a new decoration if you haven't seen it displayed yet?

It has not yet arrived but  once it does I intend to wear it. Not with white. Oh no. Primarily with a denim shirt I've had my beady eye on for some weeks now. Then I imagine with one of my MANY animal print chiffon blouses..and so on and so forth until it becomes as irremovable from my wardrobe as my Michael Kors heels or Chanel little black bag.

Once broken in expect pics. But for now enjoy the inspirational ones of women in these beauties I have found.

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