Vintage Jungle

Today a friend of mine told me he wanted to go vintage shopping but had not a clue where to start. So, being the helpful soul I am (and not one to turn a good rail-rifle down) I happily assisted.

It then occurred to me that he is probably not the only person who feels over-faced in similar sartorial situations..and so this post was born.

I am now saving for this beauty...and the stag printed reupholstered sofa (a cool £500.)

I shall post again when I pop into more fantastic boutiques/vintage/charity shops and include photos etc.

The first thing to remember when entering these shops is that you will NOT find what you are looking for within seconds. These places, by their very nature, are not set out in a simple way. This is where my friend went immediately wrong, "I want a tan, fitted shirt." My reply, "No Ryan, this is not achievable."

Once he'd grasped this point he was getting somewhere towards a successful method of vintage shopping - moving towards colour/fabrics/prints he liked and working out what the garment was 2nd.

We went to a fantastic vintage shop in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter which used to be called Ryan Vintage but is now just 'Vintage.' Helpful, I know. If after looking through my pics etc you fancy a visit the address is 54 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1.

Once we'd exhausted the clothing side of the shop we mooched over to the vintage interior section and my new obsession was born - stag printed EVERYTHING. (My favourite is the long cushion, on top of the wooden box, in front of the stag illustrations.)

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