Heavy Metal

My latest Polyvore was created with, initially, my housemate Lauren in mind. But as ever elements of my personal taste crept in. The shoes for example. (available from

That aside I think I'd be hard pushed to find one of my friends who wouldn't love to teeter about with that BEAUTIFUL Christian Louboutin slung over their shoulder. (available from

My personal fashion's a funny thing - it changes depending on current mood, music taste, weather etc so as the nights are drawing in and my mood is getting grumpier as a result of lack of sun I have found myself embracing spikes, studs, chains; basically anything that can double as a weapon (!)

I understand the 2 pieces I've picked out aren't the kindest to all purses but the thing to remember with any trend/look is that it is ALWAYS possible to get it for cheaper - the stack rings for example - £6.50 from Pair them with some black cigarette pants, a heavy knit and some black boots and you've a similar look from things you likely already own.


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