Silver Lining

If you had a browse over yesterday's blog you'll know I've been a tad under the weather this week. Yes, yes, I know, poor me - I am accepting sympathy in the form of flowers to my office, that'd be great. But enough of that. There has been a beneficial outcome to the sinister sniffles; the re-awakening of an accessory!

The scarf I used in yesterday's blog to cheer me up, add colour to my outfit, and which hopefully detracted from my grey features has had a new lease of life. I have actually had said scarf for years - obtained from an Oxfam in Bath whilst visiting a friend many moons ago who was at university there; and for a while it had been languishing in the back of my accessories draw. (Yes, I have an accessories drawer in my dresser - I shall say it again - accessories are the key to an outfit!)

But no more! For scarf has been freed and is now proudly spending its second day draped round my neck. This time with a fetching animal print blouse and my usual makeup well and truly back - usual levels restored.


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