Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

So last night I was invited by a friend to Cassie Lomas' Makeup Academy's birthday event. I'm never one to turn down an event invite and even less likely when you throw in the combination of free fizz and beautiful things to look at.

It was held in the academy itself which I've popped into before but lit up of an evening it was stunning. It's located down a little side street in Manchester's Northern Quarter, behind an unassuming doorway you'd probably not ever immediately notice. But I always find it's these doors which have the most magic happening behind them.

Once inside it's a lovely space - white walls, pale grey floor and original steel pillars throughout. But your eyes are immediately drawn to the stunning make up desks - old school Hollywood style mirrors surrounded by the mesmerising glow of light bulbs.

Most, if not all, the women there were in dresses, skirts etc. This is where I took most pleasure - I was in a man's denim shirt and bow tie with sequin leggings and Michael Kors skyscrapers. I attracted a few odd looks from even some of the men but I loved my look and am still 100% behind it. That said, the host Cassie was wearing an absolute stunner of a dress from Tibi which I will be whole heartedly tracking down for my wardrobe. (In fact, took a 5minute blog break and have it bookmarked and well and truly on the Christmas wishlist)

It all too soon came time to leave but here-in lies what I'm sure we all love best about an event - the goody bag! I managed to resist the urge to rifle through it until I was home and could tip it out on my bed (luckily I live 5minutes from the party) and boy, was I thrilled. Eyelashes, Kiehl's products, Blanx toothpaste, moisturisers, lipgloss, vouchers for local businesses...a treasure trove of beauty. All in all a fantastic night and I hope to be at the next birthday celebrating an even more successful year for the company(probably in that Tibi dress!)

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