Fringe. By Me.

When I was a youngster my Dad cut my hair every few weeks. And by cut I mean butchered. At the time I barely cared as I was too little to notice the lumpy, chunky look he'd given me but I now see the error of my ways - I should have thanked him - I was stylish before my time!

As the years rolled by I got to an age where my lovely Mum insisted I exchange money for an actual style but one thing never changed...the fringe.

Again, time rolled on and as I hit my university years I decided the fringe was not for me and promptly grew said hair accessory out and let it flop to each side to grow into my long bob. I was perfectly happy with this look as it was so easy to maintain (I'm nothing if not a corner-cutter when it comes to morning routine - anything for that extra 10minutes in bed) until recently, Valentino changed all that.

The Valentina advert. So romantic and with echoes of Romeo and Juliet (anyone who knows the play will be familiar with the maid wailing, "Julieeeetta!" at the top of her lungs) I was hooked. And the model in the advert, Freya Beha, is my dream girl. Her hair in the advert is a long messy bob with a choppy fringe playing on her brow line and I just think she looks divine. I by no means thought I could emulate this on a level anywhere near her but I thought I could atleast mimic the 'do.

Now, being the girl I am I had to do my obligatory celeb reference work before chopping away and found the above beauties - all of whom I've admired, style wise, for some time. After consulting my housemate I was promptly told I'd, "rock it," so off I toddled, scissors in hand, into my bathroom.

That was yesterday morning.

This is now:

What do you think? Most people have said they love it but one genius didn't even notice, which amused me. There's always one I guess.

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