Man Up.

Right, my hiatus is over. I have missed blogging but due to a very intense work schedule and some unfortunate situations in my family life my blogspot has been, necessarily, down-graded somewhat in my priority list.

However, the world keeps turning and we must get on so as my work diary has thinned a little and time has moved on I've managed to shift 2DyeFor up a few rungs.

I've been having what I can only describe as a mild identity crisis of late. You know those mornings when you wake up and you just can't settle on a 'look' for the day? If you don't know what I'm on about then this is probably not the blog for you. I am always writing about 'looks' and the way an outfit can make or break a day.

As a result of this dip I've gone back to basics. We're talking monochrome, maxi dresses, Converse and high black heels. (Not all together, you understand.) To demonstrate the severity of my sartorial slump let me tell you that I went out last Friday and Saturday evenings in the same outfit as I simply couldn't formulate another enjoyable ensemble for myself out of the war zone that is my current wardrobe. To say it needs thinned out would be an understatement.

But until the mass clear out I've settled with using celebrities for inspiration of a morning when I just can't hack it. My most Googled gals are Olivia Palermo, Kourtney Kardashian (really the only cool one) and Blake Lively, amongst others.

This morning I decided to go a little west of my usual search zone and have settled on a Janelle Monae look. She's featured on this blog before so you can hardly be surprised. She's a style icon.

Anyway - he's what I'm sporting today.

And here's the details:

Bow Tie | Topman
Chiffon Shirt | Little Mistress
PU Leather Trousers | H&M
Shoes | Primark
Nail Varnish | GOSH
Watch | Michael Kors
Ring | YSL
Lipstick | Revlon

I'm currently working up to this look...


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