Under The Influence.

As I told you all a few days ago I'm having a somewhat troublesome time with my threads and working out what to wear each day is becoming increasingly frustrating.

I'm a big believer in dressing for your mood and not for a trend in particular but just recently even that's seemed a challenge so I've been relying heavily on celebrity/street style influence.

Today I decided to escape the city and venture back into the 'burbs to see my family and spend a good few hours just sitting - does anyone else need that sometimes? Just a few hours with a cold orange juice and a sun lounger? Well I do and today was that kind of day.

As alerted by the kind weatherman last night I knew today was set to be a bit warm so I wanted to dress in a way that allowed for public transport use without fear of passing out due to heat exhaustion.

I sleep beneath a huge framed image of Audrey Hepburn so today's outfit was put together with her heavily in mind.

Some cats eye sunglasses, a dress my mum bought me years ago that I still love, some basic sandals and a lace Toki&Nabi cropped jacket in case the temperate were to drop.

Makeup was minimal so there's no real face shots but here's the details:


(Oh, look how comfortable I am in front of the camera! Note: the frozen smile and awkwardly curled toes. Nice!)

That's all for today guys but more soon. Hope you've had a lovely, sunny Sunday wherever you've been.

Jacket ¦ Toki&Nabi
Dress ¦ Mango
Shoes ¦ Primark
Sunglasses ¦ H&M for Wateraid
Watch ¦ Michael Kors

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