BooHoo - An Outfit For Under £50.00.

As the economy continues to ail and our bank accounts continue to plunge towards the red a decent outfit for a reasonable sum of money is a little like the holy grail to us fashion addicts.

Gone are the days when pay day meant a weekend spent in Selfridges and the like, and don't we know it? As a result I am always interested in brands that can deliver that high-fashion feel without leaving you dreading next month's bills.

So I was thrilled to be invited to enter the blogger competition on to mark BooHoo making it into their  Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites.

The challenge was to find an outfit on their site for under £50.
When I first saw that I almost disregarded the whole thing as impossible; but upon closer inspection it would seem BooHoo is a veritable Aladdin's cave of fantastic low-price, high fashion pieces.

I wanted to create an outfit that not only kept to the competition guidelines but also actually represented my taste in fashion and would be something I would genuinely wear.

With all that in mind, and my calculator in hand to make sure I wasn't a penny over, this is what I put together:

This is an outfit that I think any fashion focused girl would feel comfortable wearing in a number of situations. From anything from work to a bar I think this is a great look for a 20 something girl who wants to stay abreast of the trends but save her pennies.

I'm a big fan of highlighting a colour throughout an outfit and the small clutch mirrors the tone of the brogue sole perfectly.

I actually already have those brogues and I love them - the next day delivery was great and they've been really hard wearing. Which surprised me considering they're from a more economy conscious website. But in my experience you certainly get your money's worth from BooHoo.

Here are the component parts in closer detail:

This basic jersey is only £15.00 and has featured in Look so you know it's a winner. I love plain dresses like this as they're so easy to use throughout a number of seasons - update the accessories and you've got a whole new look. Buy yours here.

Like I said, I have these and they look great with anything from a dress to jeans and a plain t-shirt. Most recently, in fact, I had them on with black leather trousers and a pink/purple floral chiffon shirt and it's certainly a look I'll put together again very soon. Buy yours here. (P.S. If you're a size 3 you're in luck they're in the sale for just £12.00!)

This is simply brilliant. Collars with this detailing can sell for as much as £100 thanks to Karl Lagerfeld's influence on us but BooHoo have really come to the rescue with this beauty at only £10.00. I can't tell you the number of hours I have spent trawling eBay for the perfect collar at a good price and all the while it was right under my nose. (No pun intended.) Buy yours here.
No outfit is complete without a bit of bling and finger consuming metals are all the rage at the moment. At just £8.00 and in two colours this is a great find. Buy yours here.
Finally a little clutch finishes off the look perfectly. Complementing the tone of the shoes really gives the outfit an over all polished look and this is only £5.00. Buy yours here.

And that's it - an entire, very cool, very fashionable outfit for bang on £50.00. And with accessories included; this site looks set to go right to the top of my 'favourites' list for bank-account-friendly purchasing.

So while you feel the government may not have your back financially, BooHoo certainly have. Happy shopping!

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