Red, White and Blue

Unless you have been under a rock these past couple of weeks you cannot fail to have noticed that small sporting event that is ever so quietly gripping the world(!) Whether or not you like it I'm fairly sure just about every pair of eyes in the UK must have caught sight of at least a few seconds of the amazing London Olympics.

My delight in these sporting Gods and Goddesses quite surprised me - I was prepared to watch maybe a bit of athletics and a few dives but no sooner had Lord Coe said 'Danny Boyle' than I was hooked; and have been since.

A side effect of all these inspiring athletes taking up my television every day and night (I stream it on my BBC app while at work!) is my new found fervent patriotism - and not only to England. After the Jamaican 1, 2 ,3 in the 200m I have found myself wondering if there is any Jamaican blood in my family tree - but alas, I very much doubt it.

Browsing the web this morning I came upon Swarovski's Olympics inspired new Erika and Eliot collection which has somewhat delighted me. A tiny little girl and boy on pendants dressed in nation-representing colours and outfits.

Here are my favourites:

China, GB and South Korea

USA, Spain, France and Switzerland

Russia, Brazil, Netherlands

These remind me so much of the Marc Jacobs characters and I think I may love them a little bit more even. Especially GB - what better icon is there of my country than a Queen's guard - and after that opening ceremony clip the Queen is surely at one of the peaks of her popularity. Brilliant woman.

Out of interest I typed 'London' into the Swarovski search bar and was surprised to be presented with a number of smaller pictures.

Upon closer inspection it turns out they've also gone and created a very chic London charms collection for those who may not be into the characters of Erika and Eliot. Savvy folks in Swarovski.

A tube stop, a very Twiggy-esque girl, a Rolling Stones platform shoe and a rainy umbrella. All in all a pretty accurate representation of my nation. All primed and ready to be attached to a lovely charm bracelet and worn with pride.

I'd be a very happy girl if I received one of these - I do love an alternative way to support things and let's face it, dragging a Team GB flag through the streets on a regular day just doesn't cut it when up against these beauties. All available at Swarovski online take a look and fall in love like I have.

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