How To: Wear Peplums; Whoever You Are.

If you follow me on Twitter (@2dyefor_)or Instagram (2dyefor_) you'll have noticed a small addition to my family who has been taking up most of my pictures/tweets. Alfie. A brand new, black, cocker spaniel puppy. I am completely in love with him - he is a lovely little thing with a great nature and a beautiful face.

Because of his sudden presence in my life I have found myself staying at my family home much more, recently (only 45 mins from my apartment on public transport) and it is my most recent stay over the weekend that saw me accepting a delivery from M&S for my Mum.

Convinced it was yet another pair of black linen trousers (they're her version of my chiffon shirts - one for every day of the week) I just thrust the package into her hands and continued about my day. She began to tell me what she'd ordered and I tuned out until the word 'peplum' pierced my daze. "My mum? Cracking out a peplum? Well let's see then, " I thought.

One minute later and she was in front of me looking absolutely great. Which got me thinking; peplums are probably a trend that make a few folks nervous but they look set to stick around right through A/W so I have come up with 5 ways to work them into your wardrobe, whatever your age or the occasion.

This is the most high fashion look - probably a look twenty-somethings like myself would wear. I love a good clashing print but if that's not something that appeals a plain clutch looks great too. This is more a bar/restaurant look that covers a few trends so the wearer would feel great.

Gone for a bit of a sports luxe theme here - with the Olympics just finishing I'm clinging onto everything 'sports' for as long as I can. The Converse and clear plastic panels on the bag give this a great twist and what better than gold nails to represent our nations recent sporting achievements? I think the pencil skirt means anyone from late teens to early 30s can get away with this. If the mesh insert of the top's a little full on try it with a top more like the one below. After all, fashion's about having fun and making styles fit to you.

This is with 40-50 somethings in mind. A more pared down look but still really fashion focused to make the wearer feel comfortable but current. My mum's top is very similar to this one but I know she has more dark jeans in mind than pastel trousers. Still, she rocks a good printed scarf and sack bag so I still think this look is a viable option.

This is for those who want to stay trend based but are in an office environment day to day. We all know how constricting 'office appropriate wear' can be on our wardrobes but this is an easy one to adapt. There are tons of peplum pencil skirts on the high street - Topshop, H&M, River Island, Lipsy etc so that's not a hard one to find. Paired with your trusty white shirt, some cool flats and a nice leather bag and you're set. I also found this amazing Burberry peplum trench - at just over £1000 it's one for the 'wish list' but a girl can dream...*sigh*

Last but not least a more casual look for A/W. Unfortunately so far only Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Noten have shown peplum trousers like these but I'm hoping that the high street will cotton on and get on with producing some budget-friendly options.
If they do I love the idea of pairing them with a chiffon blouse, some pretty pumps and a trusty leather jacket (fur collar optional.) Some fiery talons and lips and you're good to go.

So that's it - peplums 5 ways. All that's left to do is show you my love. Meet Alfie.

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