Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Just now as I logged into my blogspot backdoor it suddenly hit me just how long it's been since I last wrote.

Too long. This is mainly because my beloved little netbook (named Lovely) finally gave up the ghost about 2 weeks ago and until I replace her my access to the internet is somewhat limited. Happily I have a friend who works for Toshiba and is hooking me up with a shiny new girl so soon all blogging capacity will be restored.

About 3 weeks ago I was very kindly invited to Matalan's A/W preview day in a very slick hotel in Covent Garden in London. It was a strange feeling - looking at Christmas samples in mid July; and it turned out to be an absolutely sweltering day in The City which only added to the slightly surreal feeling of it all!

That said I had an absolutely fantastic time and I think it's safe to say most of my wages from here until the party season is over are spoken for. I want everything from the metal toe capped brogues to the slightly ethereal looking digital print tshirts and jackets.

And the price point is incredible. Shoes for £16 - PU Leather jackets with stud detailing for £35. I almost had to rub my eyes and check I didn't need to make a Specsavers appointment.

Matalan have really pushed the boat out this season and seem to have most of the major A/W trends stitched up for us. (Pun sort of intended...) The colour palette is rich and luxurious while the fabrics used echo those we saw on the catwalks all those months ago - plush brocades, expensive looking sequin detailing, grunge-chic tassles. I cannot say enough positive things about this collection.

Even the homeware was stunning - I've already briefed my housemate on the gold rimmed wine glasses. they will be mine.

I think my favourite bits have to be the following though. The fabric of the crop top is completely beautiful in person ad will look fantastic with a black high waisted maxi skirt I scooped up in the Mango sales recently. Not to mention the special space I've already made in my wardrobe for those cobalt blue animal print Chelsea boots. In faux pony hair they really look so expensive so when I found out they were £16 I nearly fell over.

The whole preview was set out beautifully so I'll leave you with a few shots and simply say...bring on the eggnog!

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