Midi Madness

Midi length dresses. And skirts.

When they hit the catwalks a while back I'll admit I didn't quite know how to take them. Their inability to either be in the mini or maxi camp irked me somewhat. I like people, and my fashion for that matter, to choose a side. Sitting on the fence annoys me. And that's what I thought midi length dresses were doing.

Until last week that was...

During one of my, increasingly frequent, clicking sessions on ASOS I stumbled upon a dress that seemed to hold my attention. It was initially the print that hooked me (Yoko Pop) but then I realised the length. Midi! Although I was unsure it was the bodycon and full sleeve elements that eventually convinced me - a quick 'add to basket' later and it was en route. Get yours here

It arrived last week in my office and, handily, I had somewhere to be this past Saturday night so decided to immediately test drive it.
The heavy black and white print did cause me some initial 'how to accessorise' quibbles but I soon decided what better excuse to get out my favourite candyfloss pink MAC lipstick and Ruby&Millie nailpaint?

Teamed with 5-inch lace up shoe boots, a leather crop jacket and my trusty Chanel 2.55 and we have my new favourite outfit. In fact I'm going to wear it again tonight.

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  1. I have recently jumped on the 'midi' band wagon grabbing myself both a skirt and a dress and I am loving it.

    The perfect addition to any spring wardrobe.



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