Dating Dilemma

First dates.
By their very nature they're pretty stressful things but what makes them worse, in my opinion, is deciding what on earth to wear.

This is the very dilemma I have found myself in today. I'm out this evening and he's already scored some points - has suggested meeting in one of my favourite traditional pubs in Manchester. So kudos. But what to don is still somewhat escaping me.

The pub itself has quite an eclectic mix of clientele but is in the heart of the Northern Quarter which is known for its trendy frequenters and being a fashion agent only piles the pressure on (on a personal level - I like to make an effort.) So I've narrowed it down to three options.

PLEASE tell me which is best (I'm personally leaning towards #3..)

Bright watermelon jeans, casual Breton stripe tee, leather jacket and bag and a nice necklace.
I like this look but I do tend to associate it with work or weekend lunch with friends so although I feel comfortable and good in it it might not be a front runner.

Now, if you know me/have been reading my blog you'll know I'm an animal print kinda gal so no option list is complete without at least one of my printed beauties in the line up. And we all know I've a penchant for a good portion of accessories so a big ring and my favourite colour pop feather necklace would top this off nicely. Teamed with black jacket, bag and leather trousers I'm thinking this is my 2nd favourite idea.

Really I may have made my mind up on the above. I got some amazing new shoes this week similar to the ones above (but chunkier heel) and a leather jacket and I love to wear new things as quickly as possible. That combined with my absolute adoration of my shirt dresses and necklaces and I think I'm set. But let me know...I might be massively off course with my choices. Help!

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