Dating Disasters

I've been debating for some time whether to share this as I'm not sure who comes off or the guys I was on the dates with. But I just couldn't resist the comedy element to the tales so here goes.

A week or so ago you'll remember I blogged about a good 1st date outfit. (I stuck with option #3) I needn't have bothered. I guess I was a little enthusiastic due to glowing recommendations I'd received from his colleagues that he was a great guy/a bit eccentric/had a heart of gold etc. The kind of things you list when putting together attributes you'd like in someone. But we'll come back to him later...

The week before I'd gone to meet a guy I'd been set up with. In his own words he was about 6ft tall (this is good as I'm 5'5" but I love my heels), a journalist and a gentleman. In retrospect I should have walked out the minute I arrived - he'd been 5 minutes early and got himself a beer. I had to get the 1st 'round' in.

Now, before you think I'm the kind of girl who, as soon as a date is set, locks her bank card in a safe as it won't be used, I'm not. I am all for 50/50-ing bills but the first drink? C'mon! £2.30 for a beer can't be asking much, can it? Not very gentlemanly if you ask me..

Eventually, after we'd finished the drinks (bought by me) he offered to buy one. I say 'eventually' as my glass was empty for 45minutes before he appeared to notice.

I wasn't overly impressed but thought I'd give it one last ditch attempt, before he went to the bar. I asked who he wrote for - y'know, as he'd told me he was a journalist - and he sort of spluttered a bit before explaining he is actually a spell checker for medicine bottles in a pharmaceutical company and has been for two years. It's not the job itself that put me off but the ENORMOUS lie about being a journalist!

I began to wonder what else he'd lied about - but I didn't need to wonder long. When he did decide to venture to the bar I was witness to his height. 6ft? In your dreams fella! Try 5'7" - and with my 5 inch heels this is no good. What with that and the buying my own drink and the job lie I swiftly drank my beer and made some silly excuse about working early and made my exit.

So..with that in mind you can understand my nervous feelings towards the date I went on a week later. The night before said date I was having dinner with a friend and after a brief chat about my upcoming encounter discovered she knew a few of his friends. A couple of texts later and I was being assured by people he was a lovely guy, good fun etc etc. So I went on the date.

Now, I don't want to lie and create a story about a date full of comedy sketches as it wasn't. He greeted me with a warm hug (he's a rugby player so you can imagine the size of him - a nice hug) bought the first few drinks and suggested moving on to several bars. Time flew and before we knew it it was 1am. I had to remind myself I wasn't out with a friend and that it was in fact a date so I should probably end it and leave it open to a second. That is exactly what I did and, handily we were two minutes from my apartment so I walked home.

No sooner had I stepped through my door than he called and, in a huffy tone, demanded to know why I hadn't invited him for 'coffee'. When I explained that's not the kind of girl I am I got a short, "Fine," and a dial tone.

As you can imagine I've not been on a date since and I'm pretty much honing the whole 'spending some time on me' vibe as, evidently, spending time on others seems a little disaster prone for me right now.

Ah well, there's always this solution I suppose...

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