Shoes, Glorious Shoes

In the showroom I work in in Manchester we have a weekly subscription to Look magazine (y'know, as we're in the biz and want to appear professional whilst calling reading a weekly glossy 'work') So as Tuesday morning rolls round I anticipate the postman's delivery with excitement equal to knowing an Internet purchase is upon you.

This Tuesday was, as we all know, Valentines Day so as I was putting together my evening of self bought chocolates and Bucks Fizz the doorbell crashed through my thoughts to remind me Look was here.

Queue a cup of tea and a shoving desk paraphernalia to one side.
A few flicks later and I had stumbled upon my dream shoes.

They're Jeffrey Campbell for Office and not the cheapest I've ever seen but I haven't felt this way about a pair of foot smotherers in ages so I knew I had to somehow make them mine.

Jeffrey Campbell is known for his creations that look totally mad and uncomfortable but he's worked out perfectly where the weight is distributed on the foot so all his shoes are actually a dream to walk in.

I'd been thinking about them for a few days when, this morning, temptation got too much and I logged onto the Office website. What happening next I cannot be held responsible for; it can only be described as a clicking frenzy then black-out.

Anyway, when I came round I had a 'Thank you for buying with us' email from Office but, surprisingly, a guilt-free conscious.

And I found them on Feb 14th - I'd say that's my best Valentines Day in years!

(*update* They are now sold out online so I got the last pair - if that's not a sign that it was fate for me to purchase them I don't know what is!)

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