Dial F For Festive.

So we've made it - November 30th is here which means tomorrow we all officially tip into the month of Santa and my weekend is looking to be suitably festive as a result.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to meet my family at the Christmas markets then heading back to my Ma's abode to help decorate and get in the spirit. I mean that literally - she and my Stepdad have a great gin selection.

You'll have noticed some time back that I mentioned the new man in my life and how the sudden love I felt for him almost knocked me over. Well he's become a bit of a Christmas problem. Alfie, my 5-month-old black cocker spaniel (and the man in question) is one of the most excitable things I've ever encountered so as a precaution my Mum has announced there won't be the main Christmas tree at hers this year as Alfie will no doubt try to climb it, eat it, become a decoration, use the decorations as chew toys, chase a cat up it, knock it over or any number of other Christmas crimes.

Some of the 'pre-puppy' Christmas decorations

So this year we are festooning the house with smaller decorations which will hang off door handles, stair rails, frames and fire places - basically anywhere a limber puppy can't get his mouth to.

And I have to admit, I quite like the idea. For some years now the Christmas tree in my apartment has been somewhat lack-lustre and no matter how many baubles and lights I try to stuff on it I just cannot disguise the fact that the branches are a little limp, the colour a little faded and its general demeanour just a little lacking in festive-goodness. So I'm copying. Not for puppy purposes but for my own aesthetic happiness - be gone, Foul Tree, you offend my senses and must be banished.

As a result of my decision I spent last night trawling my favourite websites comparing their festive line ups and picking out the pieces I intend to hang from cupboard handles, mirrors, frames and the living room chandelier. Yes, I have a chandelier in my living room because you know what? A bit of pomp and circumstance never hurt anyone!

So here's the run down:



I love the Debenhams sign, "Be Merry And Stay That Way." I think I'd find it impossible to see that every morning and not giggle to myself and I've always had a thing for owls so their offering of an owl vase thrills me somewhat.

M&S have a more traditional line-up but a couple of red-breasted robins hanging down from the edge of a mirror is sure to get anyone in the festive frame of mind and that crown tree topper intended for foliage would look equally good placed forefront on a shelf, I think.

Selfridges always have their line-up of iconic baubles and 'merry whatever' really tickled me - at £5.95 it isn't too expensive a laugh either. I also love the silver-plated mistletoe. Is there a chicer way to steal a kiss this Christmas?

But it's safe to say John Lewis have it all wrapped up this year. With pages and pages of decorations to get you in the spirit here's my favourite few:

All these decorations are available on the respective shop's websites so click on and have a shufty and I guarantee you won't be able to resist that Christmassy feeling creeping over you.

Have a great weekend!

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