Met Blah-la 2014

Well, well... I have to say, for the first time ever, I am disappointed. Disappointed in, of all things, the women who attended last night's Met Gala.

Year upon year I wake up excited to trawl the plethora of websites featuring the red carpet pictures and all the fairytale gowns I can only dream of wearing. I even receive texts from friends - "Today's the day!", "Gowns! Gowns! Gowns!", "Time to get motivated to only eat dust for a year!" and the like.

I like to settle in with a cup of tea and fruit and be ready for a good mooch but today my tea was cold before I felt anything resembling envy towards anyone.

At first I thought it was perhaps that I had happened upon a couple of sites that just weren't featuring the best dressed ladies but after a few (hundred) clicks it became clear that, for the first year ever, the hype had taken over the outfits. And by this I mean so many of the guests were more motivated to out-do each other in the outlandish stakes that they appeared to have completely missed the point of dressing well.

Out of the many, many dresses I looked at there has only really been one that I would forgo chocolate for a year for and that was Leighton Meester's eye-wateringly beautiful Emilio Pucci floor length thriller.

I would have loved to have lusted after many more but was unable to so instead have decided to abuse your retinas with some of the horrors mine have had to endure this very day.


I mean....C'MOOOON!

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