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Just back into the UK after some time out, relaxing with OH and travelling up the length of Portugal and to northern Spain on a road trip. We'd been due to drive a very beautiful vintage Austin Healey back up but unfortunately we weren't able to so some very generous friends offered us their Jaguar convertible to use. I think I'd accepted before they'd even finished the sentence! Although not quite the vintage tootle about I'd imagined the Jaguar did provide OH with some great, Supercar fun along the mountain passes we took at times.

But that's enough car shenanigans. Onto the fun stuff - the accommodation! We spent each night in a new place; so we started in Lagos and ended up in San Sebastian staying everywhere from olive groves to yurts along the way. It was incredible. Most of the places we found were from a website recommended to us - Sawdays - which is a site specialising in off the beaten track beauties to stay in. As I said anything from yurts to tree houses to ancient castles can be found on there. I'd strongly recommend them and they cover several European countries so do have a click.

We each had our favourite spots but mine was, without a doubt, if you'd not already guessed, the yurt. This was a little outside Arganil in Portugal in a vibrant, green mountain valley. Owned and run by London born and bred couple Hannah and Derek, it is a truly unique and beautiful spot. After spending an incredibly happy few hours lounging in a hammock outside our yurt with my book OH and I asked their story and they told us they'd bought the plot and run down foundations of what is now their large house about 14 years ago for a startlingly reasonable amount of money. Initially it had been a holiday home project but as the years rolled on the draw was too mesmerising and a few years ago they moved their family (their children, dog and cats live there too!) over to their handmade heavenly spot. Hannah then recommended a good site to wish away a few hours on - Pure Portugal. Ideas are flowing guys...

You can eat there at night outside your yurt and again in the morning. The meals are homemade and brought down from the house to you fresh in a great picnic style wicker basket so you can enjoy the sunset with a few vinos and a lot of good food! We had deviled mushroom starter, fish pie for main course and poached pear for dessert. Each mouthful was a delight. In fact just the memory is making my taste buds tingle!

They have spent years creating a little piece of paradise in the heart of Portugal so if you ever find yourself that way or better yet just want to go full stop (I'll definitely be back!) then their site is Enjoy!

Anyway - here's a few snaps from our hols.

Yurt Yurt Yurt!

We had a wonderful time but I'm pleased to be back and feeling inspired! Sorry about all the selfies. Got a bit carried away!

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