Summer Saviours.

Like most people in the UK, I would imagine, my summer wardrobe never needs that much updating each year - due to the fact each lovely piece is barely worn the year before as a result of the poor weather it seems my items remain perpetually pristine so they rarely need the annual overhaul my winter wardrobe does. (My poor knitwear, on the other hand, gets far too much wear.)

And this year, so far, hasn't threatened to be any different. It was only when packing for my Portugal road trip a few weeks ago that I realised the majority of the garms I was wanting to accompany me on my break were at least 2 or 3 years old. This fact on its own isn't something that bothers me in the least - the old saying 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' springs to mind. But I've always thought there is something intrinsically holiday-ish about a bit of pre-break shopping. So with this mentality it was with very little effort that I managed to convince my sister to join me for a shopping session. The lure of a sushi lunch at the end was too much for her and before I knew it we were full steam ahead.

Now something that maybe not too many people know about me is my stance on shopping. And when most folk learn it they seem puzzled by it, I suppose it's because of what I do for a living but I think that's exactly why I am the way I am in shops -  I spend all day around newness that by the end of it I can barely stand to take in any more visual treats! I rarely browse, and even more rarely actually try something on. I prefer to get in and get out and return anything I need to, swiftly, at a later date. So this shopping trip with my sister that I'm describing is perhaps not the type most people envisage when they think of shopping. I am a firm believer in a bit of pre-shop online research so, really, I was only keen to plunder one particular store. The indisputable queen of the high street - Zara. 

As I mentioned it's rarely my summer clothes that need adding to but sandals seem to be something I am in constant need of every year. I'm not sure what I do to them the previous year but I never seem to be able to find them again and if I do they're always a little dogeared from weeks of me refusing to believe that we are having yet another miserable summer. For this very reason I have been caught short a few times with sopping wet be-sandaled feet, still in total denial that it's anything but a seasonal shower. Usually it's a typhoon.

Anyway, I digress. So to Zara we strode with my feet in mind and immediately began browsing their shelves for the pairs I'd seen online. After a little while, and with defeat in my heart, I was just about to turn grumpily to my sister and give up the ghost when I saw them, nestled on a very low shelf below some dresses were these beauties:

At only £19.99 a pair I knew I was sold on them before I even tried them on. I had to get a size up as I've quite a wide foot but I didn't care - they were mine! And they can be yours too if you click here or here. (Also available in white.)

Bolstered by my successful finds I began to view the shop in a different light. As an actual browsing shopper of all things(!) It was then that I came across a couple of other things I simply couldn't put down. A silk playsuit I'd seen a few weeks earlier in Look magazine and admired then, and some sunglasses.

Unfortunately both pieces are now sold out but they look like this:

The playsuit is close relative of the recent pyjama trend and feels great to wear. A small, geometric print in navy, beige and a deep red makes it very easy to wear and it's an amazingly flattering fit.

Similar styles here and here.

And the sunnies:

I just LOVE the white line detail on them and as often as I can wear them now, I do.

A similar, very cool pair available here.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of me wearing the sandals so you'll just have to believe me when I say they look great on. So great in fact that a few people I know have gone on to buy them. Theirs is a guilt free price tag that just won't quit!

So there you have it, this years summer saviours of mine. I can firmly say I need nothing else this season now. Well...maybe not until I see that next thing I simply can't put down.

Ah, why fight it?

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