The Man Cave Has Landed.

It was really only a matter of time. I knew he would eventually do it. I can't say it thrills me but at least he's keeping it hidden from me, for the most part, so I will have to simply keep calm and carry on.

The Man Cave has commenced.

When we first bought our house it had been declared, within minutes, that the third, tiny bedroom would become my walk-in-wardrobe/dressing room. The master bedroom in our rental was larger than its equivalent in our new house so we knew we'd have to get creative when working out where to keep our clothes, shoes, accessories etc. So I (very generously) offered to evacuate our bedroom of my things and rehome them in what is now the dressing room. I know - practically saintly of me.

When OH began talking about building a shed in the back garden I felt relief. Finally he would have somewhere to house his millions of tools, the cement mixer (yes, we have one of those), our bikes and all the other things I do not want to look at on a daily basis. There are a mound of bricks ready and waiting in the garden but I have recently been told this project can't begin until spring has sprung, "It's simply too cold and wet." Hmf. A few more weeks of looking at his drill bits it is.

But last weekend I came into the front room to find him sawing up large boards of MDF.
"What are those for," I asked.
"The utility room," he answered.


When we first began remodelling the downstairs of our house we had initially intended to keep the utility at the far end of the kitchen but when one of our lovely neighbours popped his head in and heard our plan he pointed out the amount of light we'd lose. I am a natural light lover so this was not music to my ears. Immediately I began to panic. The whole point of the utility area was so we could shut away the noisy machines and bits-and-bobs as our entire downstairs area is now open plan so everything needs to flow and, most importantly, not cause a racket.

"However," he pointed out, "there's a great space you're not even considering and it's a life saver." Then he pointed to the area under our stairs. It took a bit of imagining but with a new plywood wall up and plastered we are in business. I now have a utility room that will be closed off and it's using a space that would have been more or less useless otherwise. Win-win.
Or so I thought.
This is the current view - of course it needs painting and a door on it but this is the wall under the stairs so we're now playing with the idea of a 'feature' wallpaper. I loathe that word but unfortunatley I can't think of an alternative.
You can see The Wall from the living room area too so we're thinking about a possible William Morris print or something else classic with a contemporary twist. We shall see...
I am also intending to sort out the inside of the cupboard/utility area. Maybe a nice bright paint and some hooks for hanging coats on. I love the idea of being of of 'those' tidy utlity room people but I am not sure I will be. Thank goodness for doors!
Some lovely inspo images I've been happily perusing are below. Ah, I do love house porn.
       bathroom storage ideas pinterest | By Shannon Rook
          imgur: the simple image sharer
I *will* acheive this one day. Creating organised spaces is what I love to do and I can't wait to be able to get my hands on this new space in our home.


This is the view from the hallway at the moment (the kitchen is just further along.) As you can see the washing machine is already in there along with the microwave (I prefer clear kitchen surfaces) and some handy shelves above that for, in my mind's eye, laundry baskets, household knick-knacks and the like.

However, after an alarmingly short amount of time I popped my head in to be confronted by this sight...


He's gone and done it. I could cry. My dream 'organisation zone' has been hijacked with tools and man-junk. I am not a happy bunny.
Stay tuned for the fight back.

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