All Hot Under The Collar: Wedding Post.

This weekend I did something I've never done before. It's probably not something I'll do again because I don't want to become hooked - it's an expensive habit; but I can't deny it was a thrill finally doing it and it definitely gave me a buzz.

I bought my first (and last) bridal magazine.

I had popped into the local shop to grab some lunch for me and OH as we were knee deep, again, in house renovation things so had nothing to hand at home. And then I spotted them, nestled in all their shiny glory, in the magazine aisle. They all promised so much - "Get Thin For Your Big Day!", "How To Slash Your Guest List in Minutes!", "Have the Wedding You've Always Wanted for under £20!" (well, not quite but you get the idea) and honestly, I was a little taken aback. I just grabbed the smallest I could see (you know, 'handbag sized') and headed for the till.

As I went to pay for my items I felt a confident glow come over me, "Yes sir, I *am* buying a wedding magazine because I am getting married" I thought. It was only afterwards when I pondered his confused expression that I realised I'd taken my engagement ring off to do house DIY stuff.

So, in fact, he'd been faced with a paint spattered girl in full decorators dungarees, hair on top of her head, smiling smugly, but with no evidence of engagement. Marvellous.

Even now, a few days on, I've only flicked through a few pages of the magazine but one article I came across that particularly interested me was, "Which of these popular 5 details will you have on your dress?" The first four didn't interest me - ruffle, feathers, diamante etc etc but the final one caught my eye - collar details.

It's a really interesting detail that I've never seen before. That said, before I was engaged wedding dress trends didn't really occupy my mind. But that's almost exactly what's wrong with them for me - they're trends - and while I think it's such a great detail (I almost clicked 'buy' on number 3!) I don't want to look back on photos and them feel too dated too soon. I know they all will do eventually but if I can draw out the inevitable with a more classic dress then I will.
I had imposed a ban on wedding planning on myself until 2015. OH and I have so much on our plates with the house and various festive bits and bobs going on that we decided to keep focused on those bits first and move onto wedding bits later.
Then I bought that blasted magazine. Now I have an appointment at a bridal boutique. Oops.
It's highly unlikely I'll actually post anything on my blog that may feature majorly in my wedding day but it won't stop me popping the odd post on about some smaller details.
So OH and I have decided a *bit* of wedding planning over Christmas can't hurt. After all, what a brilliant time of year to enjoy the celebration bubble we're currently in - it's definitely upped the festive feeling in our house! 
**P.S. I am going to title each entry with wedding bits in it "....:Wedding Post" as I recognise that some of you will want to skip these posts entirely as they simply don't interest you.**

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  1. I am VERY interested in wedding posts..... just so you know ;-) xx


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