The Emperor's New Dior.

Favourites. Everybody has them. Be it your choice of beverage at your local coffe shop, or the shade of lipstick that you can't seem to break away from. Favourites are an incumbent part of most people's fibre and can provide structure and enjoyment to everyday life without us ever realising.

Some people even have the utter privilege of being able to have a favourite designer (I wish - does Zara count?!) and one such person is Jennifer Lawrence. She's spent months in the headlines cultivating and basking in her 'darling' status and, by all accounts, is a very nice girl so this is nothing personal; but I feel her favouritism towards Dior is going too far.

The first clue was the glasses. The final straw was those, and I struggle to call them this as I'm not entirely sure they are, but here goes, trousers. And that lace top(?) with sports bra gleaming through...jeez.

A sort of trouser/skirt hybrid can't be high on the wish list most girls have and nor should it be. If one of the most sought after girls in the world can't pull it off then who can?! I know, I know, she's at Paris Couture Fashion Week so off the wall designs are to be expected. But just to put it into context the below is also Dior and also at Couture Week and I would happily argue about 70 shades more attractive.

Ah Olivia, you can do no wrong.
I have to admire her loyalty though. House of Dior have been good to her providing her with beauties like these in the past:

And, sure, the latter was so enormous she fell over accepting an Oscar in it but what's a little trip between celeb/designer friends?!

Surely it was a case of levelling up the scales. So much beauty needs to be contrasted by some ugly sometimes, no?

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