Celebration Stitches.

A week or so ago something exciting happened to me. It was my birthday. The day before the 4-day bank holiday weekend to be precise. And I decided that was a great day for it. It meant I could spend the weekend celebrating with those important to me and unwind a little.

I decided to start the unwinding thing a little early and wore the most incredibly comfortable outfit to work that day. I took some pics because a) I loved the combination and wanted to remember it for future reference and, b) because it's been a while since I've posted some 'What I Wore Today...' pictures.

And while I realise I didn't wear this technically 'today' it's as good as you're going to get as today has been spent mostly makeup free in a loose silk shirt and rolled up jeans. And you're not seeing that.

I have a long-standing love for jumpsuits and must own in the region of 20 by now, in all shapes, sizes and colours. But at the moment this is my go-to-guy. Soft grey jersey, with a drawstring waist to create a draped upper half effect, and tapered legs; it ticks all my boxes.

It was one of those great days where the chill in the air is made that little bit better by bright sun. So I wore my jumpsuit with a grey leather jacket, lightweight scarf, wool beanie and sunglasses.

The shoes, while photographing well, had seen better days so after I took these shots I discarded them and replaced them quick sharp with a very similar pair. I'm sure they'll feature here soon.

The necklace is from H&M and possibly still in store. At £18.00 it's not their cheapest but it is one of their most striking and I certainly get a lot of positive comments about it.

So there you have it. That's me another year older and another jumpsuit comfier. Happy Monday!

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